AquaJogger Deltabells

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AquaJogger Deltabells

 AquaJogger Deltabells
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Take the Impact Out-Of Fitness! Get a Low Impact Comfortable Workout in the Water with Aqua-Jogger's Delta-Bells Medium Resistance Dumbbells; Aqua-Jogger Delta-Bells are great for Non-Swimmers and Water Enthusiasts alike. Medium Resistance Hand-Held Delta Bells Tone, Strengthen, and Support your Upper Body in the Water, and when used in Combination with the Aqua-Jogger Buoyancy Belt, gives a more Complete Water Aerobic Workout. Adjusting to your Resistance needs, their Triangular Design allows a simple Turn-of-the-Wrist, to Increase or Decrease the Water Resistance. The Triangular Design also means they won't Roll-Away at the Pool Side out of reach. Resilient Closed Cell Polyethylene EVA Foam won't Absorb Water, Dries Quickly, and Resists Chlorine Damage. With Soft Padded Grip for a Comfortable Workout, the Delta-Bells Dumbbells are great for Rehabilitation of Arm Injuries. The Aqua-Jogger Delta-Bells Dumbbells are Blue in color and are covered by a 90 day limited warranty.


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