Connie Combs Problem Horses, Problem People DVD

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Connie Combs Problem Horses, Problem People DVD

 Connie Combs Problem Horses, Problem People DVD
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Connie Combs became National Finals Rodeo Champion barrel racer at the age of 19. Since that time, she has qualified for the NFR several times as well as becoming a major futurity champion. Connie presents clinics on barrel racing throughout the United States and Canada. She is one of the top barrel racing trainers in the country. In this video, Connie deals with the problems that barrel horses have in racing. She identifies the problem, such as knocking a barrel over, discusses the cause and then demonstrates how to correct the problem. Connie then moves into the area of problem people, the problems that can be traced to the rider. Connie introduces a new term; "Barrel Horsemanship," or the skill of riding a barrel horse. She demonstrates how poor horsemanship affects the horse's ability to achieve its best performance. Her students show the different exercises she has created to help both the rider and the horse achieve its ultimate performance. The video was produced in cooperation with Circle Y of Yoakum, Texas.


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