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The A-Team was a tremendulously popular hour-long television series that aired from 1983-1987. It was the story of 4 Vietnam veterans: Hannibal Smith, B.A. Baracus, Face (Templeton Peck, and Howlin Mad Murdock. They were wanted by the federal government for crimes they didn't commit. And if you could find maybe you could've hired the A-team. This placed in the top ten even with reruns. It aired originally on Tuesdays. It blasted Happy Days, which ran opposite the A-team on ABC, in the ratings.

The show ran for five seasons and created 94 episodes. In the fifth season, the team went to Friday nights. The fifth season lacked the same amount of mass destruction and fans just didn't dig the changes the show had made.

George Peppard who played the team' s leader leader had been actor for years. He sadly passed on a few years ago.

Howlin Mad Murdock , played by Dwight Schultz was the team's pilot and comedy relief. He had a slight mental problem on the show. He always seemed to get on B.A's nerves with his invisible pets and other identities. Dwight Schultz went on to play on Star Trek the Next Generation, Star Trek Voyager, an episode of Touched by an Angel,  a cool episode of the New Outer Limits and other guest appearances.

Face, (Templeton Peck) played by Dirk Benedict was the team's conman. Dirk had played on another cool show before the A-team called Battlestar Galactica. Something that was humorously hinted at on the show's opening with an cylon walking by Peck. (see animate gif)

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