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1950's-1960's Television  Father Knows Best

Father Knows Best ('54)
Robert Young as Jim Anderson 
(Manager of General Insurance Co.)
Jane Wyatt as Margaret Anderson
Elinor Donahue as Betty "Princess" Anderson
Billy Gray as James "Bud" Anderson Jr.
Lauren Chapin as Kathy "Kitten" Anderson

Father Knows Best Quote
" A fellow just hates to admit he's wrong. It takes a little courage to do it, and swallowing of pride, but it's one of the paths to wisdom." - Jim Anderson

Emmy Awards
1956 and 1957 Best continuing performance of an actor in a dramatic or comedy  series:
Robert Young for Father Knows Best

1957 Best continuing performance of an actress in a dramatic or comedy  series: Jane Wyatt for Father Knows Best

1959 Outstanding performance by an actress in a series (lead or support): Jane Wyatt for Father Knows Best

Emmy Awards source: The Best Tv Trivia and Quiz book Ever

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