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A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist. Knight Rider the TV series ran from 1982 to 1986. It starred David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight.. But the main attraction of Knight Rider was Michael Knight's car, KITT a transam. KITT was no ordinary car , it was a transam that could talk, and that's not all the Knight Rider KITT had a special function, this transam had turbo boost. This function enabled Michael and KITT to literally jump over semi trucks, and obtain speeds that no ordinary car could dream of if a car could dream. The series most interesting episodes included the pilot, the episode where KARR KITT's evil twin is introduced where Larry from Bob Newhart takes a ride in KARR. There was Garth Knight , Michael's evil twin and a suped up semi truck named Goliath. About the same time this episode came out there was a free blue print of some new modifications to KITT that I personally sent off for.

Michael 's Boss was Devon Miles at the Foundation for Law and Order, and the mechanics were either Bonnie or April, depending on which season it was.

Knight Rider Faq's

1. KITT stands for Knight Industries Two Thousand

2.Michael Knight's real name was Michael Long

3.The actor who did KITT's voice also played on St. Elsewhere and Boy's World.

4.David Hasselhoff not only is one of the world's most popular actors thanks to BayWatch, he is also considered a rock star in some countries.

5. The Transam and Camaro are no longer going to be produced.

6. Knight Rider was voted the number 3 most popular car of all time on TVLand's top ten all time favorite tv cars. Number 1 was the Batmobile, number 2 was the Dukes of Hazzard's General Lee, and the number four car was the Munster's coach.


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