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This is the one that started it all.  The original Star Trek from the sixties fought back from cancellation to becoming a classic.  William Shatner had even started living in a travel trailor before the Star Trek series started to pick up steam.  No other show in history has such fan support has Star Trek.  There are Star Trek conventions, movies, and of course the new Star Trek series that have followed.

Star Trek   Believe It or Not Trivia Facts!

1.Originally Spock was to be half human and half martian.
2 Star Trek was going to be called Star Track.
3.Deforest Kelley was originally offered the role of Spock by Gene Roddenberry.
I'm a doctor not a vulcan
4. James Kirk was the youngest starship captain ever.
5. The average budget for each episode of the original Star Trek was $180,000.
6. Gene Roddenberry's first choice for Captain Kirk was Lloyd Bridges . Jack Lord of Hawaii Five-0 was  asked to play Captain Kirk before Shatner. 
7. George Takei once accidentally stabbed William Shatner.
8. Deforest Kelley once played a doctor on Bonanza and as a doctor the western Virginian who let Leonard Nimoy's character die.
9. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor George Takei  and his family were relocated to an internment camp for Japanese Americans.
10. George Takei  appeared in a John Wayne movie the Green Berets.
11. The Star Trek Animated series won an Emmy for Best Children's Series for the 1974-1975 season.
12. William Shatner turned down the role of Dr. Kildare for the role of Captain Kirk.
13. Leonard Nimoy protested vehemently against his character having pointy ears.


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