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Easy Guide to Home Inspection Defects



This book will help you identify a lot of home defects before you pay for a home inspection. While, you'll still be smart to have a home inspection done, knowing what to look for in a house can save you a lot of money and time in hiring inspectors for houses that are easily recognizable as flawed or in need of work. It's great for realtors, home buyers, sellers, and even home inspectors. This book cuts to the chase and puts the focus on what is really important and what is most likely to be a problem in the home you may be looking out or trying to sell.

It comes with lots of photos of real home defects.

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Learn about various systems and sections of the home such as plumbing, heating and air,
crawlspace or basement, the roof, and electrical. Learn what the biggest areas of concern
are to an inspector and you as a homeowner. Learn how moisture affects a home including
gutter problems, roof leaks, grading issues, and condensation from HVAC systems.





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