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Bible Minute Daily Devotional
Sixty seconds in God's Word daily

The Bible Minute daily devotional is provided courtesy of Back to the Bible

What Hath God Wrought - by William Grady click for more info or to purchase

The influence of God on our nation's history. Excellent book revealing little known facts from our nation's history. This book reveals the real reason's behind America's prosperity, and does not bow to political correctness or history revisionists. 


Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret

the man God used to open China to the gospel.

Final Authority by William Grady
History of King James Version 
click for more info or to purchase
William Grady came to my church, Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church in Oliver Springs, Tennessee, and was a very interesting speaker. He pointed out details of American History often and sometimes intentionally overlooked by modern history books.  I highly recommend these books for your personal library.

Hudson Taylor The inspiring story of one man's love for God and his unflinching commitment to present the Gospel of Christ to the Chinese.