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The Hulk's Comic Book History Go To page 2

Robert Bruce Banner was born in Dayton, Ohio, the son of Dr. Brian Banner and Rebecca Banner. He was loved by his mother, but hated by his alcoholic father, who was extremely jealous of his relationship with his mother.

A former atomic physicist Brian concluded that Bruce's intelligence was a mutation derived from Brian's exposure to radiation.

Brian Banner finally murdered his wife when she attempted to leave with Bruce. Bruce was raised by Rebecca's sister and later attended Science High School. He diverted his anger into his study of science.

Bruce Banner attended Desert State University in Navapo, New Mexico, where he studied with such contemporaries as Walter Langkowski (a.k.a. Sasquatch) Peter Corbeau and Raoul Stoddard.

Banner was a highly withdrawn intellectual unable to cope with emotions. Obtaining his doctorate in nuclear physics from the California Institute of Technology, Banner went to work at a nuclear research facility at Desert Base, New Mexico.

Before the days before the Gamma Bomb accident that would create the Hulk, Banner's father was released from the mental hospital. This release would lead up to the last confrontation between Bruce Banner and his father at his mother's grave.

As revealed in issue Incredible Hulk minus 1 this confrontation did not end up as Bruce Banner had remembered it. 

Brian Banner accused Bruce of being evil and a monster that was a threat to mankind. Years of frustration had built up. Years where Brian Banner had accused Bruce of being a monster even as a child.  Here at his mother's gravesite his father was coming at him again physically striking him again as well as verbally.

Bruce knocked to the ground lashes out causing Brian Banner to fall backwards into his mother's headstone. Thus the end of perhaps the man who is truly responsible for the coming monster men will know as the Hulk.

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Hulk Story Pages 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9
The Hulk Story follows the Hulk's adventures from the sixties to present time with timeline extras concerning major events in Hulk history on television and also rare comic book ads.


dadstory.jpg (82886 bytes)
Confrontation between Banner and his father as shown in issue #312 of the Incredible Hulk
Click for larger version to read, opens in new window

dadstory2.jpg (88268 bytes)
pic 2 of Banner vs Banner
Click for larger version to read, opens in new window

dadstory3.jpg (133534 bytes)
Banner's  confrontation with his father from The Incredible Hulk #-1
click for larger version, opens in new window

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