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Bruce Banner would then continue work for General Thunderbolt Ross to create the Gamma Bomb.

Ross looked at Banner as a weakling scientist, and was not pleased with his relationship with daughter Betty Ross, the woman who would one day marry Bruce years later.

Bruce Banner's nightmare would now begin. All because of a reckless teenager who went onto gamma base bomb test site on a dare! The teenager was of course Rick Jones, who would spend the rest of his life trying to make up for his mistake.

Trying to save Rick Jones Bruce Banner was caught in the heart of a nuclear explosion. Banner now finds himself transformed into seven feet, one thousand pounds of unfettered fury - the most powerful creature to walk the earth-

Banner's first transformation was into the Grey Hulk, who was not as mindless as the green version. It is believed each version of the Hulk represented a part of Banner's subconscious personalities. At first Banner transformed at sunset and then under periods of stress.

The first few years the Hulk spoke more clearly, using more complete sentences and not screaming Hulk Smash!

As time progressed the Hulk would grow more savage yet more childlike.

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PART 2  1960's
Tales to Astonish # 73 1965

Hulk General Ross and Rick Jones from Tales to Astonish #83 1966

1965 ad for marvel t-shirts
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