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Although never fully finding acceptance the Hulk would for a short time join the original Avengers.

from the cover of Hulk #138 in 1970
In the early days the Hulk would go up against the likes of the Sandman, the Watcher, Kazar, the Asgardians on Thor's own turf, Iron Man, and the Submariner. The Hulk would go on to fight almost everyone in the Marvel universe!

The Hulk's biggest foe however, would be the maniacal leader.


The Hulk's biggest rival would be sometime enemy sometime personal psychiatrist, Doc Samson.

One of the most famous battles of all time was the debut of the Wolverine in Hulk # 180-181. Which would not be the last time the Hulk would confront the mutant X-men.

The Hulk would once again join a super group, the Defenders. The Defenders were filled with the likes of Dr. Strange, the Submariner, and Valkyrie.

Everyone around the Hulk, had their lives turned upside down.  Banner's love of his life, Betty would eventually give up on him and marry Glenn Talbot.

The Hulk would fall in love with Jarella from a micoscopic universe..

...only to lose her in a battle with the Crypto Man.
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Hulk Story Pages 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9

from the cover of Hulk #109 in 1968

Hulk #131 from 1970

Samson debuted in Hulk # 141 in 1971

The Hulk's Friend throughout the 70's, Jim Wilson.


The Incredible Hulk: Arena R/C 6V 49MHZ

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