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The Incredible Hulk Part 4

After losing Jarella, the Hulk goes on a rampage and runs into his friends and fellow teammates the Defenders. After a short battle, the Hulk enlists the aid of his magician friend Dr. Strange to try and heal Jarella. Alas, the Dr. cannot for it is too late. Jarella is dead.

Time passes and the Hulk encounters many more foes but the most interesting one of all turns out to be Hollywood. 

Bruce Banner walks out of the Nevada Desert into a sleepy little town seeking shelter and escape from his nightmare. As Banner walks by a store window he discovers the Incredible Hulk's life has been turned into a television series. Feeling as though his life as been turned into a soap opera for the world to see, Banner once again transforms into the Hulk and heads off to Hollywood where he intends to smash his own tv series. Luckily for Hollywood the Thing just happens to be there to demand his own time on the small screen.

It happened in Marvel 2 in 1 #46 in 1978

The Hulk destroys thousands of dollars of Hollywood sets and even smashes through the MASH studio, before the Thing can reason with him and convince him to not smash all of Hollywood.

The Hulk would go through several changes over the years. Banner would gain control and acceptance by the world for a time but only for a time. 

Through several exposures to gamma radiation Banner would gain control of the Hulk. The Hulk's strength and body would belong to Banner,but he would not possess the edge that the anger and savagery had given the Hulk.

Banner gained control of the Hulk in issue #272 as he faced the Wendigo with Sasquatch.

Rick Jones was glad that the world still had a Hulk.  Betty Ross ,having believed Glenn Talbot dead after an attack on the Hulk,  had once again become involved in Banner's life,but  was not pleased with Banner's decision to utilize the power of the Hulk. 

With the help of almost every hero in the Marvel universe and the attorney Matt Murdock (alias Daredevil) the President of the United States is petitioned for the complete and total amnesty of the Incredible Hulk. The Hulk is granted full amnesty and so begins a new chapter in the life of Bruce Banner. Although freed of the curse of the Hulk ,or so he thinks, Banner remains disappointed in Betty's decision not to support him.

The Hulk: 6" Punching Hulk Action Figure
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Hulk #207 in 1977

1977 marked the debut of the Incredible Hulk tv series produced by Kenneth Johnson who was famous for writing and producing for the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman. The series starred Bill Bixby as David Banner and Lou Ferrigno as the Hulk. The series would last until 1982 and spawn 3 tv reunion movies
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Bill Bixby - Incredible Hulk Transformation
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IN 1982 the Incredible Hulk went back on Saturday morning cartoons for 13 episodes,  the first time since the 1966 cartoon series. The 1982 series was aired alongside Spider-man and his amazing friends

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Hulk #278 in 1982 The Hulk gains amnesty

Hulk story part 5

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