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The Incredible Hulk Part 5

Banner resumes his life as a scientist and is given a high tech lab thanks to Tony Stark alias Iron Man. Banner gets a new lab assistant, Katherine Waynesboro. Waynesboro was secretly a Shield Agent who began to have feelings for Banner. Kate would resign from Shield to be with Bruce and things would start to appear like Banner could have a normal life. But things are not always as they appear for slowly their would be signs that the Hulk was still locked deep down in Banner's mind. Their would be moments when Banner would lose control and he would be tormented by nightmares. The nightmares were furnished by the evil villain known as Nightmare , one of Dr. Strange's enemies.

The Secret Wars would begin as a strange stonehenge like construct in the middle of Central Park would lure the Hulk into it. In a blinding flash of light the Hulk was sent across the universe to take part in the Secret Wars.

More on the Secret Wars

 After the Secret Wars the Hulk would become completely uncontrollable again for banner!

The Hulk would lose all touch with humanity, and attack almost everybody and everything.

Dr. Strange would find a way to end the conflict. He sends the Hulk into the crossroads a interdimensional portal between worlds, where the Hulk could travel between worlds has he pleased. He could not, however return to earth. Until members of Alpha Flight accidentally set the Hulk free. Once again a completely mindless Hulk would roam free on the earth.

Doc Samson would figure out a way to separate the Hulk from Banner. Banner would then mary Betty. The wedding did not completely go off without without a hitch. Betty's father interrupted the wedding and shot Rick Jones.

Now that Banner had been separated from the Hulk and had married Betty, one would think all was well, but Banner would get sick and close to death until he could be rejoined to the Hulk.

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This animated pic is from the corners of the 1983-1984 series story arc where Banner once again loses control of the Hulk issues #292-300

Hulk #300 in 1984
The Hulk becomes savage again

Hulk #319 in 1986

The Hulk: 13" The Incredible Hulk Action Figure

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