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While remerging Bruce Banner and the Incredible Hulk to save Banner's life, a interesting side affect occurred. The reappearance of the Gray Hulk who hadn't been seen since the first days of the Hulk's existence.

With the recreation of the Gray Hulk also came the new Hulk Rick Jones. Rick had managed to get thrown into the same tank that Banner and the Hulk were in during the reemergence process.

The gray Hulk had one interesting quality that the green Hulk did not. He was a arrogant smart alec to some extent, but he lacked the same amount of power as the green Hulk.

The gray Hulk would be involved in many memorable battles. The most interesting was the encounter with Wolverine. The Gray Hulk would do something the old Hulk couldn't comprehend. He would use his power for financial gain becoming Mr. Fixit , muscle for hire.

The next incarnation of the Hulk would be a green Hulk with the personality of Banner thanks to the psychiatric help of Doc Samson plunging into the depths of split personalities of Bruce Banner. 

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Gray Hulk vs Rick Jones Hulk in Hulk #326 in 1986

Second battle between wolverine and the Hulk. It happened in issue #340 in 1988 and was drawn by popular Spidey artist Todd McFarlane

Banner fights with his older self for his life in a world gone mad!
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Future Imperfect
by Peter David, George Perez (Illustrator)

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