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Lou Ferrigno - The Incredible Hulk
8x10 B/W Glossy Photo

Buy this B/W Glossy Photo at

The next incarnation of the Hulk would be a green Hulk with the personality of Banner thanks to the psychiatric help of Doc Samson plunging into the depths of split personalities of Bruce Banner. Banner comes to turns with himself when he confronts the mental ghost of his father.

This new Hulk looked more like a very large green Banner instead of a monster. The new Hulk joins a mysterious group, the Pantheon, headed by an immortal named Agamemnon.

Banner would face his most difficult challenge when he came face to face with his future self the Maestro. The Maestro is  a power mad dictator from the future.

Banner fights with his older self for his life in a world gone mad!

The Hulk's longtime friend Rick Jones gets married in issue #418 1994

Yet another version of the Hulk appears driven to mad fury the new Hulk becomes the Incredible Banner. 

Banner's body with the green Hulk's mentality!

This becomes a major problem when a grenade explodes while he's in this form and put shrapnel in his brain causing increasing mental stability problems for the Hulk. This leads to super battle with Thor as the Hulk believes he is his future self the Maestro.

The recently returned Glenn Talbot ,who was thought to be dead from an attack on the Hulk, orders a nuclear strike on both the Hulk and Thor! The Hulk knocks Thor far enough out of the way for survival but the Hulk stays in the middle of it.

The Hulk survives, and his next big problem comes in the form of Onslaught who mentally controls the Hulk for a short period sending him after the mutant Cable. The Hulk later joins the rest of the Marvel universe in a major confrontation with Onslaught which results in the creation of another dimension where most of the heroes including Bruce Banner end up reliving their lives all over again. The major difference is the Hulk still remained in the original Marvel universe.

to be continued part 8

Hulk Story Pages 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9

debut of the new Hulk # 377 1990 art by Dale Keown and written by Peter David

1996 The Incredible Hulk returns to television this time on UPN with a brand new cartoon series. Lou Ferrigno does the voice of the Hulk.

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