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After the awesome battle against Onslaught, begins a new era for the Hulk as Banner is in another dimension living his life all over again with the most of the other Marvel Heroes. Banner becomes that world's Hulk while the Hulk in the original Marvel universe is now slightly more grumpy with no Banner half to calm him down.

Dr. Strange reveals to the Hulk that he is connected to the pocket universe and will eventually die destroying both universes if something is not done to stop the energy from flowing through the Hulk and rejoin himself to Banner. The Hulk's only response is "Good".

Hulk from the pocket universe

Luckily the Hulk is rejoined with Banner and the rest of the heroes return back to the Marvel Universe.

But things don't go back to the way they were before. The Hulk is unpredictable and Banner cannot call upon his power whenever he feels the need.

Tragedy strikes Bruce as Betty Banner suddenly comes down with a strange illness a form of radiation poisoning thought to be brought on by the radiation from Bruce's own body. From here Banner's life becomes one giant nightmare with no lighter moments or any kind of joy at all in his life.

Thanks to the evil manipulation of Tyrannus the Hulk goes on a rampage night after night causing terror to small towns and causing panic everywhere. The Hulk runs into Wolverine again as well another match against the Thing.

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Hulk # 447in 1996

Hulk #1 1999 The Hulk goes on a rampage! Written by John Byrne

In association with

Marvel - Heroes
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