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2000 - On

With his wife gone Bruce Banner is leading a much different life. Bruce Banner is hiding out. He goes with the bald look not to be recognized, hiding out in a cheap apartment. Banner stays in contact with a mysterious Mr. Blue through the internet. 

A few days later and one Hulk sighting later, Banner is back on the road. Banner is soon hunted by the F.B.I. and 2 highly trained hit men. But Banner's biggest enemy of this new era appears to be Agent Pratt of the F.B.I. who has went as far as to utilize the Hulk's blood to gain incredible strength. Strength he used against Banner until  Banner became the Hulk and literally destroyed Pratt.

Who knows what lies ahead for the Hulk now?
A movie is on the way this summer which will probably not be completely true to the comics but probably a lot more so than the 70's tv show, which is one of the best super hero tv shows of all time by the way. The movie will have old comic characters like General Thunderbolt Ross and Major Glen Talbott  . I for one look forward to it. 

Check out the trailor at I loved the part where Bruce Banner says "you wouldn't like me when I'm angry", a statement that hasn't been heard since Bill Bixby said it back in the seventies Hulk tv series.

Incredible Hulk: Return of the Monster TPB
Buy Incredible Hulk: Return of the Monster TPB
Now the beast within has crossed the line and it's terrified keeper is on the run! Blamed for the televised murder of a hapless child Banner and his brutish alter ego are public enemy no. 1 - shunned by society hunted by the law and targeted by a mysterious third party with a sinister agenda all it's that cuts to the very heart of Banner's strange affliction. Collecting The Incredible Hulk #34-39

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Hulk #34 in 2001

In issue #34 of the Hulk, horror writer Bruce Jones took over the reins with John Romita Jr. doing the art.

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