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Lists of books on the subjects of exercise, nutrition, and living a healthier life style.


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Action Hero Abs

Action Hero Abs is a new book by author Tim Frady that infuses a little humor with hard cold facts about the right way to eat and exercise your way into great abs!

The right way to lose fat and build muscle

A Christian perspective on health and Fitness
Great new book on Christian health from a Biblical perspective.
The new book approaches health and fitness from the perspective of the Bible while not forgetting the science behind living a healthy life.
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The Time Cruisers The Exodus Trap
an exciting Christian science fiction time travel adventure like no other!

Best Time Travel Books

Ab Books
The Abs and Ab Exercises sections are where you want to go to find books with loads of information for men and women to flatten their stomachs and build ripped abdominal muscles.

This health book section is dedicated to books that teach the reader how to build a muscular physique using principles from bodybuilding greats like Joe Weider and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Super Foods
New Section devoted to books about the super healthy foods that some say work miracles on the human body.

Workout Books
This section showcases books that give you lots of great workout plans and information on getting in shape. Knowledge is power especially when it comes to being healthy and shaping up your body.