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Here's another company that might be worth taking a look at. Globat.com- 25GB Space, 300 GB Montly Data Transfer, PHP, CGI/PERL, SSI, multiple domains, FrontPage, 24/7 support, eCommerce Ready, and more for only $4.95/mo.

1. Bluehost Webhosting is the company I most recommend right now. With them you get 4 gigabyte hosting space, 1,000 POP email accounts, 100 GIGS of transfer, ssl, ftp, stats, cgi, php, MySQL, 2000/2002/2003 Front Page Extensions
Free Domain Included Toll Free Support

The best thing about this webhost is you can host 5 domains with an extra free domain on top of that. If you plan on growing with your web presence, this is the way to go. Their staff is the best I've dealt with so far. I don't feel like I'm talking to someone who doesn't have a clue, like I do with a lot of other companies. There is nothing more frustrating than going around in circles with tech support that doesn't even comprehend a simple email request, or who does have not the slightest desire to help you, even on the phone. Bluehost techs seem to actually care.  They don't seem frustrated or overly stressed. They give you the confidence that they can get it done or they will find someone who can. Now, occasionally I have to wait a little bit on the phone, but I don't mind waiting because I know they'll address my issue. A lot of times I get tech support in a minute or two if that long.  I've used a lot of companies, and trust me you might not find even Bluehost to be perfect, but you don't want to get stuck with some of the bad companies that are out there. Not if your serious about making web pages, and don't want to feel like your getting ripped off. 

Their Contol panel has a lot of great features. You know how much bandwidth you're using, which you get 100 gigs, how much disk space, etc. You have different types of stats to choose from including Analog, Webalizer, and Awstats plus the latest visitors report. What I really like is the Fantasitco link. It's pretty much awesome! It allows you to easily install a ton of different free scripts that are out on the web. It has a big list to choose from. All you have to do basically is click on the script you want, then on new installation and it's self explanatory. You don't have to be an expert to do it. You can easily install content management systems, blogs, customer relationship scripts, message boards,  eCommerce shopping carts, faqs,  guestbook, image galleries,  mailing lists, polls and surveys, site builders, and more. Mind you these are third party and are not supported, but it's an wonderful extra that these guys provide. They seem to know from personal experience what webmasters need.

More advanced options for webmasters
With this webhost htaccess is no problem, ssi include is no problem just go their control panel click on apache handlers and add the extension you want to use ssi include, and put in server parsed. The shtml extension are already set up for ssi without doing anything.

Bottom line there aren't many other companies that can compete when you add it all together. By the way this website is on bluehost.

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2. Dream Host
Dream Host
is my next favorite. I recommend this one for more experienced webmasters. It just depends on what you want to accomplish and if you are willing to go through a learning curve. For the most part you have a lot of control with this webhost. You have to be a little more manual than Bluehost though, and there is a limit of file size uploads to your Mysql databases. You can get around this by using a csv importer script 

Here's their biggest selling point and why I use them. Right now they have a special on what they call their Code Monster account. For $15.95 (check for current price) you get 1 free domain registration, 15 full domains, 75 subdomains, 7680 mb in disk space, 192 gb in transfer, and 3000 mailboxes. I first got an account with these when one my sites was actually getting too close to going over the 75 gbs offered at Bluehost. This is the first time that had ever happened and that site is my most popular and is full of large images. But anyway, it took me days searching on the net to find someone with good enough customer reviews and that was somewhat affordable. So I took a chance and so far so good. They don't seem to have any downtime that I've noticed. I don't think I've had to contact them once yet to say the site's down. I know I have contacted them with general questions and they have answered my questions so far. The only downside to their support is you have to go through their control panel. They don't have a phone number set up, but you can get them to call you if necessary. It's probably one of the reasons the service is so affordable. As well as things have worked out so far, I can't complain. Personally, I would rather go with this system if the alternative is more money for phone techs who don't have a clue or don't want to help you. So if you want a lot of domains at one place or your site is becoming a monster and you don't want to spend a small fortune, this is the place.

3. Ipowerweb
Ipowerweb has in it's favor great servers that are fast and pretty reliable. You get a lot of web space and bandwidth just like bluehost, but you don't get to host 5 domains plus the free one like bluehost. If one site is all you ever want you might consider them, but the tech support is not as good as bluehost. It always takes a while to get phone support on the line. They were my favorite once upon a time, but I'm just not as impressed lately. One aggravation is the file size limit they put on uploading csv  files to your Mysql databases. This is for all their new customers as they are phasing out the old cpanel for the vdeck. You can upload but you have to install a third party script to get it done like csv importer script

Right now they are offering free 50 dollars in advertising from on Overture for spending on keyword advertising through their search advertising partners. Overture Search results show up in Yahoo, MSN, Alta Vista, Lycos, InfoSpace, CNET and Netzero.

I hope this as helped you. As time goes by I may be adding another webhost or deleting one. Just all depends on the quality of service I continue to get.