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 Free Weights

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Free Weights

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Christian view on health and fitness

The Time Cruisers
for time travel fun beyond your wildest imagination!

Free weights are still one of the best ways to get in shape.  | shopping mall | Physical Fitness | Posters | Movie Posters

The Bible and Your Health

Does science back up the Bible's claims that obeying God equates to better health or longer life?

Why I Wrote Common Sense Biblical Approach to Health and Fitness
Failure Is a Choice. Choose Health and Fitness.
I'm sure everyone has heard the old saying, "Failure is not an option", or is it?
Take a look at what's in the new book, "Common Sense Biblical Approach to Health and Fitness" How does the Bible relate to health and fitness, organic vs conventional, how to lose weight the healthy way, and lots more.