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Torso Track<br>Torso Blaster

Torso Track
Torso Blaster

Shipping Included Smooth Motion! Our Home Built Torso Blaster is a commercial grade "Torso Track" Handle bars move on 4 linear bearings that run along 2, 1" linear rods Adjustable Elevation The front of the Torso Blaster elevates to adjust to any users fitness level. The higher the elevation the easier the exercise. Built to last! 3" Round, 11 Gauge Steel Base 1/4" Solid Steel Frame 32" Wide Handle Bars 2" High-density Foam Pad Adjustable High Quality Ends "In just two days after placing the Torso Blaster in our club it has become the most used machine in the gym. My members say it's the best abdominal exercise they have ever done." Hank Capaso, World Gym Providence, RI Shipping Weight: 85 Lbs. Dimensions: 52"L x 31"W x 16"H Warranty: 90 Days Parts, Lifetime on Frame


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