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Guest Star John Leguizamo
as Orlando Calderon 

A sting suddenly goes south. Stan watches as Sonny and Rico are held at three gunpoints and radios for Larry and the SWAT team to move in. Before they arrive, one gunman is taken down from outside, so the cops use the distraction to overpower another, while the third man escapes. But when the backups reaches them, Stan must tell them they never fired. Somebody saved their tails, but who? Sonny and Rico waste no time in shaking down the snitch who set them up, but his explanation makes no sense: Thereís a million-dollar price tag on Ricoís head leveled by. . . Calderon? Heís been dead over a year! Still, reviewing the case file, Rico canít help reliving the murder of his brother Rafael, his brief affair with Angelina Calderon, and her fatherís violent end.

Rico puts no stock in the alleged bounty on him until heís grabbed out of Sonnyís car and forced into an unmarked van. Driven to a hidden location, Rico comes face-to-face with his abductor. Itís Angelina and she has some one for him to meet. . . Their son. She was never going to tell him, but she has a half-brother, Orlando, out to avenge his fatherís death. So the bounty is real. Worse, she doesnít know what he looks like, and is only identifiable by the dolphin pendant he wears(she has one just like it). Angelina has made peace with the past and wants no more shed blood. She begs Rico to leave Miami before Orlando arrives, because heís exactly like his father, has taken over the entire Calderon business, and will use any means necessary to get his revenge. Rico refuses to leave her and the baby.

After spending the evening with Angelina, he goes to Castillo and arranges protection for his family. Rico accepts wiseguyish congradulations from Sonny and calls Harrison at the DEA for information on Orlando. But no sooner than when they go to pick up Angelina do they find her and the baby gone!

Guest Star Lee Iacocca

Orlando calls Rico at the station, ordering him to meet his men at Lighthouse Cove. Angelina warns him sheíll be killed anyway, and Larry canít trace the call. Rico canít take the bickering between Sonny and the bomb squad. At the park, Orlando is probably hiding in an abandoned shack, with Angelina in a wired car. Rico insists on going in alone, but Sonny will cover him. Finding Angelina, Rico argues with Orlando by radio, but goes to meet the Calderon thugs as ordered. Just as they meet, Angelina detonates the car, sacrificing herself to save Rico. Using the diversion, Sonny springs from Ricoís backseat and guns down the thugs. Castillo orders the team in and the Calderon gunmen are massacred, the last two being blown up with the shack. Searching the car and the shack reveals no trace of Orlando or Baby Ricardo. Only some papers are found.

While Rico is reeling, Sonny is given the papers by the bomb squad, and discovers a DEA report on his partner. Sonny goes to the DEA and learns that Ricoís already been there and is set to kill Harrison for selling out Angelina. He finds Rico waiting outside a diner and when Harrison emerges, theyíre fired on. Returning fire, they hit Harrisonís car and it swerves off the road, plunging into a river. No body ever surfaces.

Rico can do no more than attend Angelinaís funeral with the rest of the squad. A flower bearer brings an envelope for Rico. Inside he finds Angelinaís dolphin and a message from Orlando: Iíll be back.

For Rico and Orlando, the Calderon saga is still not over. In time, one man will get his revenge. 

Thanks to the fellow Miami Vice Fan C.T. that wrote this synopsis 


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